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[yoo' noy ah]

(n.) beautiful thinking flowing from the state of a strong, well balanced and positive mind. 

Eunoia Yoga | 2019

Eunoia Yoga is committed to providing a safe, nurturing & playful environment from which students have an opportunity to experience the practices & benefits of yoga that will ultimately help them thrive in life. 


Eunoia Yoga primarily offers kids and tweens yoga classes. These classes use creative sequencing, co-creation, storytelling and, a worthy sprinkle of playfulness, to introduce young people to the beneficial effects yoga has on the mind, body and breath. Classes explore yoga asanas (postures), breathing techniques and mindfulness to cultivate balance, confidence, self awareness, resilience and patience and strength. Your child/ tween will come away from my classes feeling refreshed, recharged and confident.




Meet the founder | Teleah Healy

Hello, hello,


I am Teleah [tell e ah]. I am a 450hr certified yoga teacher that specialises in children's yoga.    


My particular interest in teaching children yoga stems from my own challenging childhood, yoga journey & work as a science communicator & educator. In using yoga as a foundation to unravel & explore these experiences, I realised that I really wished that someone had shared the grounding practice of yoga with me sooner. How differently would things have been had I had the awareness & connection to self that that yoga awakens in us?


"In using yoga as a foundation to unravel & explore these experiences, I realised that I really wished that someone had shared the grounding practice of yoga with me sooner."

Many kids are no longer floating in daydreams, digging in dirt or spending hours lost in their imaginations. The world ain't got time for that. You want to be successful? You better get busy. Also, incase you weren't stressed enough living in the digital age, the world as you knew it is changing. It's going to be hotter, scarier & more uncertain. Who's ready to relive 2020, over & over?


While we are all a little too tired, anxious and busy navigating our own lives, it is easy to forget that these 'same' stressors, demands, changes & confusing emotions experienced by us adults are also experienced by our young people. If anything some of these challenges/ changes are likely harder for kids because they don't have the tools or experience to understand how to interpret or overcome them. Growing up can be tough - puberty was no picnic.


As adults, we use yoga for our mental, physical and emotional health. It grounds, calms, relaxes, enlivens & reconnects us to our core being. Therefore it is no surprise that yoga benefits young people in the same, if not more, ways than adults. So why go blindly into the night? When we can equip & empower our youth with the greatest asset of all - to know thy self!


"The success of yoga does not lie in the ability to perform postures but in how it positively changes

the way we live our life and our relationships"

- T.K.V. Desikachar

I created Eunoia Yoga, as a safe, nurturing, non-competitive and playful place for all young people to give yoga a try and hope they too will benefit from this centring practice. So go on, come join me on the mat!



350 hour Vinyasa YTT My Health Yoga Gold Coast 2018-2019

50 hour Level 1 & 2 Children's YTT Kids Yoga S.A./ Yoga Kids Training Academy Adelaide 2018-2019

50 hour Yin YTT The Yin Space 2020

Relevant certifications

Working with Vulnerable People (Child Related Activity)

Level 2 Workplace First Aid (HLTAI003)

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