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Eunoia Yoga 


Eunoia Yoga is committed to providing a safe, nurturing and playful environment from which students have an opportunity to experience the practices & benefits of yoga that will ultimately help them thrive in life. 


Eunoia Yoga primarily offers kids and tweens yoga classes. These classes use creative sequencing, co-creation, storytelling and, a worthy sprinkle of playfulness, to introduce young people to the beneficial effects yoga has on the mind, body and breath. Classes explore yoga asanas (postures), breathing techniques and mindfulness to cultivate balance, confidence, self awareness, resilience and patience and strength. Your child/ tween will come away from my classes feeling refreshed, recharged and confident. 

©A beauitful mind, by Chelsea Moss photography.

I am a 450hr certified yoga teacher that specialises in children's yoga. My yoga classes are a culmination of my professional trainings, personal yoga journey & work as a youth educator. 

Since showing up on my yoga mat more than a decade ago, yoga has taught me so much about myself & the wisdom that is inherent within all of us. In reawakening the connection between mind, body & breath, I have developed a strong sense of self (& self worth) that have allowed me to navigate chronic lower back pain, anxiety, severe fatigue, depression & career uncertainty. I have also been able to travel the world & learn from many wise souls along the way. 

When I reflect back on my childhood & how my disconnect from self manifested as a young adult, I see an opportunity for yoga (the connection of mind, body & breath) to be used as a tool that empowers the overall wellbeing & resilience of young people.

Through the development of self awareness, young people will have the tools to not only navigate their futures but also stand firmly in their integrity & truth. 


I created Eunoia Yoga, as a safe, nurturing, non-competitive and playful place for all young people to give yoga a try and hope they too will benefit from this centring practice.


Hope to see you on the mat soon,


About the founder | Teleah Joy

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350 hour Vinyasa YTT My Health Yoga Gold Coast 2018-2019

50 hour Level 1 & 2 Children's YTT Kids Yoga S.A./ Yoga Kids Training Academy Adelaide 2018-2019

50 hour Yin YTT The Yin Space 2020

Relevant certifications

Working with Vulnerable People (Child Related Activity)

Level 2 Workplace First Aid (HLTAI003)


[yoo'noy ah]

(n.) beautiful thinking flowing from the state of a strong, well-balanced and positive mind.

"The success of yoga does not lie in the ability to perform the poses but in how it positively changes the way we live our lives and our relationships."

- T.K.V. Desikachar

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